Are you frustrated walking the same trails and treks with your kids? 

Are you looking for a great way to get your family or group more active?

Do you love GeoCaching or treasure hunts?

Then create your own


 you Create it - they Play it

Create your event using the myGeoScatter event creator and mobile app. 

Create events for your family or group to do anywhere at any time. 

A fun, competitive event for all ages.

 Freedom to create a trail anywhere, in your town, countryside or park.

Get myGeoScatter app, and use the Scatter Creator to let you create events for anyone to enjoy. 

Also to help download our Adventure Blueprint to give some helpful tips on creating your adventure. 

Totally FREE today.

What do you get?

The myGeoScatter creator is a app you run on your browser lets you draw your event area on a map and drop in geomarkers for your players to find. A geomarker is a point which, when the player comes near the myGeoSactter app, will tell them it is found and awards the associated points. 

Set a time-limited and allow an unlimited number of players to take part. 


The myGeoScatter player is a mobile app with the event listed to let you play the Scatter.

Find as many scatter markers as you can in the time, watch the time pass, and your score goes up. You get points when you are close to a marker, but you only see three scatter markers on the map at a time, choose how to maximise your points.  

You see everyone's score on a leaderboard.


The scoreboard is always available – challenge your family, friends and groups, great fun for all ages.

Free access

Download from your app store

All you need for your event

Full access to the myGeoScatter player downloaded from the stores

Download from the App or Play stores, install and register as a player on the mobile app to enjoy the activity

Access to the myGeoActive scatter creator website to create an unlimited number of events.

Let's create Scatter events anywhere in the world, engaging an unlimited number of players. All controlled from the Creator website, to which you will have full access.

Access to the myGeo results web site to see the scores and monitor activity. 

The score is recorded on the website, letting you introduce fun competition and engagement. 

A copy of the Adventure Blueprint which provides ideas and a suggested approach to create your successful event.

A scatter event is a unique way to encourage anyone to get outdoors in an easy and fun way introducing competition, exercise and an element of strategy to help them appreciate and enjoy the outdoors. 

"Please try myGeoScatter, enjoy creating the scatter events and I look forward to any feedback." 

- John Cambell, founder of myGeoActive and Inspired&Active community 

To let us send you the details of getting started with myGeoScatter and a copy of our Adventure Blueprint, just let us know where to send it.